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Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 13-14

Two treats prior to 10:00-
10:12 mouse
10:43 Big mousie to Alfalfa, she scarfed it
10:50 All three close to camera, calling and grooming, then one
looks out the door, Spanky faceplanted in corner
11:16 Wabbit? , owlet in front gets it, trips over it then shreds it,
maybe Alfalfa, lots of fuzz
11:48 Mouse to Alfie, goes into corner to hide it
11:57 Big fat mouse, scarfed by Darla
12:00 AM all up near camera, some flapping practice
12:14 Two in front,(looking out?) one bobbling by corner
12:30 Lots of cuddling going on, 2 in front of camera
12:50 Someone's looking out the doorway : probably Spanky
1:34 Mouse to Spanky
1:36 camera goes off
Thank you saavik!
5:40 Elf reports one more mousie from Lucy to Alfie
                    ****Happy Birthday Spanky 50 today!!!

Where DO they find this rabbits?! Screenshot by Couleedam
April 13 snuggling screenshot by Joanne51
Is there a law for TOO CUTE!  screenshot by Joanne51

Episode #45 On Owl Space Nine tonight: Clean up. While the
crew busies themselves making a huge batch of egg dissolver,
and they begin the distribution process. One by one the ships are
cleaned and only one ship or two has injured or ill crew. Now
Lucy turns to getting the fleas off the station, enlisting the help
of Nurse Chapowl and her band of health owls. After making a
rather smelly spray they go through each section and after a few
long nights they get it all. Commander Ricky goes on shipwide
broadcast and announces that "Everyone can stop itching now."
Cheers are heard from one end of the staion to the other, and

the quarantine is finally lifted, and the  station empties out like
water from a sieve. The two barred owls and the poor donkey
leave, never to return. The barreds can be heard arguing all the
way to their ship, the male hooting about her hooting about the
donkey. He looks frazzled and he's puffed up.  Bandit the donkey
looks elated, however and prances all the way out.

Bits and Pieces across the Boxes !

Welcome: Spanky on Feb 23 10:20 pm and Darla 2/28 12:58 pm and Alfalfa, March 3rd 6:04 am !!! March 25- Lucys first day out of the box*!